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glacy's a CAT

<3 iSLANDERdRILLgirls 0405

about me
my name is glacy. im on drill&co-ed.
CIHS senior. sr class pres. cig break.
jonathan gf. have a thing for britney
im the renowned MEAN GIRL

email swtxazxsugah@aol.com

a penny fOr your thoughts..

ci coed accomplishments
streetdance - first
burbank - first
west torrance - first
DTU - first
nationals - second
ci small military accomplishments
west covina - first
claremont - second
streetdance - first
burbak - first
sonora - first
west torrance - "fifth"
nationals - top two, oh no! i meant fourth
[t h u r s ] 28 april 2005
things suck.. so just to keep my mind of off things...


01. I Have A Cell Phone
02. I Have A Computer.

03. I'm The Youngest Child
04. I Am A Shopoholic
05. I Love Earrings
06. I Love Black Eyeliner
07. I Love Summer
08. I Love The Weekends
09. I Can't Live Without Lipgloss
10. I Can't Live Without Music

11. I Lived In Tahoe
12. I Spend Money I Have
13. I would Like To Visit Africa

14. I Love My Designer Handbag
15. I Get Annoyed Easily
16. I Want Kids

17. I Loved The Backstreet Boys
18. I Have More Than A Couple Horrible Memories
19. I'm Addicted To Degrassi.....
20. I Am A Person
21. I Wear Make-Up All The Time
22. I Start School On Jan 4th Or 5th
23. I Love Taking Pictures
24. I Hate Girls Who Are Fake
25. I Can Be Mean When I Want To.
26. My Dreams Are Bizzare

27. I Am Bisexual
28. I Have Over Ten Pairs Shoes
29. I've Seen Shes All That At Least 50 Times
30. I Dress How I Feel That Day
31. I Love Charmed
32. Sometimes I Cry For Almost No Reason
33. I Hate When People Are Ridiculously Late

34. I Procrastinate (All The Time)
35. Winter Is My Favorite Season
36. Summer Is My Favorite Season
37. I Love To Sleep
38. I Can Be Dumb

39. I Watch Bachelorette
40. I Live For William Hung
41. No One Knows My Full Story Of My Life
42. Sometimes, I Love My Hair
43. I Sometimes Fight With My Parents
44. I Love The Beach
45. I Have Had The Chicken Pox

46. I'm Excited For The Future
47. I Can't Control My Emotions
48. I Can't Wait Till New Year's

49. I Love The Show 'Rich Girls'
50. I LOVE My Friends
51. Christmas Is My Favorite Holiday
52. I Can Be Very Insecure

53. I Have Had A Broken Bone
54. I Hate Ignorant People
55. I Love Justin Timberlake
56. I Love Guys That Play The Guitar

57. I State The Obvious
58. I'm A Happy Person Sometimes
59. I Love To Dance
60. I Love To Sing In Private
61. I Hate Cleaning My Room
62. I Tend To Get Jealous Very Easily

63. I Like To Play Video Games
64. I Love John Mayer
65. I Hate When I See Animals/People Getting Hurt/Abused

66. I'm A Vegetarian/Vegan/Don't Eat Beef
67. I Don't Like To Study For Tests
68. I Love Playdoh
69. I Am Too Forgiving

70. I Have A Good Sense Of Direction
71. I Love High School
72. I Have A Talent Of Sweet-Talking My Way Out Of Things

73. I Don't Drink Enough To Get Drunk
74. I Hate Jessica Simpson
75. I Love The Color Blue
76. I Don't Sew
77. I Am Not Addicted To Drugs
78. I Love The Olsen Twins
79. I'm Going To Try Out For The Football Team
80. I Become Stressed Easily
81. I Hate Liars
82. I Like Comfy Sweatpants

83. I Hate Cheerleaders
84. I Love The Smell Of Fresh Laundry

Movie's I've Seen
001. X-Men
002. The Craft
003. X2
004. Swimfan
005. Fellowship Of The Ring
006. Finding Nemo
007. Peter Pan
008. Home Alone
009. Aladdin
010. The Ring
011. 10 Things I Hate About You
012. Not Another Teen Movie
013. Spiceworld
014. 8 Mile
015. Bambi

016. Pirates Of The Carribean
017. Edward Scissorhands
018. Stepmom
019. My Best Friends Wedding
020. 101 Dalmations
021. Scream
022. Scream 2
023. Scream 3
024. Big Daddy
025. Billy Madison
026. Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
027. Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
028. Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone
029. Heartbreakers
030. Dumb & Dumber

031. Dumb & Dumberer
032. Two Weeks Notice
033. Scary Movie

034. Look Who's Talking
035. Blade
036. Blade II
037. O
038. Titanic
039. Carrie

040. Carrie 2: The Rage
041. Daddy Day Care
042. Legally Blonde
043. Austin Powers

044. Storm Of The Century
045. Oliver And Company
046. The Two Towers
047. Return Of The King
048. Mighty Ducks
049. Fast And The Furious
050. 2 Fast, 2 Furious
051. A Walk To Remember

052. ###
053. Beauty And The Beast
054. I Know What You Did Last Summer
055. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
056. Sound Of Music
057. Mary Poppins

058. Tuck Everlasting
059. The Patriot
060. The Wizard Of Oz
061. Killing Ms. Tingle
062. Crossroads
063. Now And Then
064. Pearl Harbor
065. Just Married
066. Cast Away

067. Radio Flyer
068. Final Destination
069. Lady And The Tramp
070. Shallow Hal
071. 40 Days And 40 Nights
072. Bring It On
073. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
074. The Outsiders
075. The Matrix
076. Perfect Storm
077. Cruel Intentions
078. Never Been Kissed
079. Clueless
080. Bruce Almighty
081. Remember The Titans
082. Girl, Interrupted
083. SWAT
084. Sixth Sense

085. Phone booth
086. The Lion King
087. Urban Legends

088. Nightflier
089. The Lion King 2
090. Little Mermaid
091. American Pie
092. Center Stage
093. Scooby Doo
094. Bedazzled
095. Mrs. Doubtfire
096. Save The Last Dance
097. My Girl
098. American Beauty
099. Romeo & Juliet

100. Lost World
101. Casper
102. Miss Congeniality

103. The Rock
104. Face Off
105. Moulin Rouge
106. Sleeping Beauty
107. Alien
108. Tombstone

109. Lake Placid
110. The Recruit
111. The Shining
112. Pocahontas
113. French Kiss
114. Italian Job
115. Love, Actually
116. Identity
117. The Mummy
118. Drumline

119. Finding Forrester
120. Monster's Inc.
121. Freddie Got Fingered
122. Spawn
123. All I Want
124. Mallrats
125. Dogma
126. Rat Race
127. Stigmata

128. Eye Of The Beholder
139. To Die For
130. Gangs Of New York
131. A Clockwork Orange
132. Chicago
133. Big Fish
134. Donnie Darko
135. Chinatown
136. There's Something About Mary
137. National Security
138. What Dreams May Come
139. Lilo And Stitch
140. Selena

141. Les Miserables
142. Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
143. Oliver

144. The Haunted
145. Jane Eyre
146. Monty Python And The Holy Grail
149. Annie
150. Pleasantville
151. The Goodbye Girl

152. Evita
153. How To Deal

154. The Frighteners
155. Grease
156. The Breakfast Club

157. Best In Show
158. Benny & Joon
159. Chasing Amy
160. Clerks
161. Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

01. My Hair Is Still Its Natural Color
02. I love Avril Lavigne
03. I Get Annoyed When I Don't Get To Finish Telling A Story.
04. I Like To Wear Pink
05. Sometimes I Wish I Could Do Something Really, Really Amazingly Well.

06. I Drink A Lot Of Water.
07. I've Never Taken A Hit Of A Cigarette. Never will either.08. I Like Music Girls
09. I'm Such A Health Freak
10. I Have Really Tiny Wrists.
11. I Can Identify Some Close Friends By Smell.
12. I'm Far Too Nice
13. I Hate When People Confuse "Your" And "You're"
14. I Think Dorkiness Is Attractive.

15. I've Never Had A Fake Screen Name.
16. I Wish I Had A Pug.
17. I Miss Middle School.
18. I Have Pretty Good Eating Habits.
19. I Have A Hard Time Making Up My Mind Sometimes.

20. I Wish My Hair Naturally Curled
21. I Can't Live Without Chapstick.
22. I Wish I Could Sing Well

23. I Like Classical Music.
24. Striped Pants Are Hot.
25. I Think Schylar Is A Really Cool Name.
26. I Usually Dont Get Sarcasm….AT TIMES
27. I Wish I Could Look In A Mirror And Constantly Be Satisfied With Myself.
28. I Shift Between Being really Sleepy And really Awake When I'm Really Tired
29. I Hardly Ever Vaccum.
30. I Hate Nazi's.
31. I Want Someone To Hold Me.
32. I Like Watermelon Flavored Things.
33. I'm A Snob About Grammar
34. I Am A Terrible Liar.
35. Axe Deoderant Smells WONDERFUL.
36. I Wish I Knew How To Speak In Italian.
37. This "100 Things About Myself" List Is Harder Than It Looks.
38. I Am Learning To Be Happy Wherever I Am.
39. I Have No Idea What My School Musical Is About.
40. I Appreciate Honesty.
41. I Need A Manicure.
42. I Love Dr. Pepper.
43. I Twirl My Hair.
44. I Love Kissing
45. I Don't Own A Cellphone.
46. I'm Not Old Enough To Vote.
47. I Live In The Past Far Too Much.
48. I Need To Remember To Be A Teenager Sometimes.
49. I Want To See The World.
50. I Hate Being Lied To Unnecessarily.
51. I Believe In A Thing Called Love.
52. I Go Shopping Usually Once A Week
53. Today Is Wednesday.
54. I've Read More Than A 100 page Books.
55. I Hate Hearing Songs That Sacrifice Meaning For The Sake Of Being Able To Rhyme
56. I Like Feet.
57. I Like Getting Compliments
58. I Want The World To See Me
59. I Think It's Funny When Girls Wear So Much Makeup That Their Faces Become Incandescent
60. I Hate Seeing Kids That Think They're Different Because They Like Slipknot And Shop At Hot Topic.
61. I Have A Fear Of Wearing Too Much Perfume.
62. I Wear Pants More Than I Wear Shorts.
63. I Am Tactful Most Of The Time.
64. I'm Afraid Of Spiders.
65. I Get Too Attached To Some People
66. I'm Usually On Time.
67. I Forgive But I Don't Forget.
68. I Think Way Too Much For My Own Good.
69. My Current Relationship Is Teaching Me A Lot.
70. I Like Salads From Mcdonalds
71. I Read For At Least Two Hours Every Night Before Bed.
72. I Talk To A Lot Of People I Don't Like Because I Hate Being Rude.
73. I Talk To Myself In The Shower.
74. Laughing Turns Me On.
75. I Wish I Were Asleep.
76. I Love Reeses Peanutbutter Cups
77. I Never Have Enough Energy To Do What I'm Doing.
78. I Have A Friend Who Has An Outtie Bellybutton.
79. I Have Driven A Car.
80. There Is No Nailpolish On My Nails.
81. I Am Unafraid To Change, But I Don't Think I Realize The Boundary Between Change And Utter Transformation
82. I Wear Brown, Thin-Rimmed Glasses.
83. Goodbyes Make Me Sad.
84. Comes After
85. I Love Cuddling.
86. I Run When I'm Bored.
87. I Wish I Were More Attractive To Others
89. I Worry Too Much Sometimes About What People Think
90. I'm A Billion Times Better Than I Was In Junior High School
91. Compliments Make Me Happy.
92. I Like Long Car Rides With Certain People
93. I Hate When People Incorrectly Label Me
94. I Wonder A Lot Who I'm Going To End Up Marrying.
95. I Listen To The Things No One Else Cares About.
96. I Can't Draw From Imaginiation.
97. Typing Liek Dis Annoyes Meeeh. AnD dOes THiS WaY.
98. This Took Too Long.

thats it.. bye


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[ t u e s ] 26 APRIL 2005
my heart is fuckin BROKEN..

my plans are.. wasted...

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islander drill girls 0506!
[ m o n ] 25 APRIL 2005
congrats to the girls that made it! appreciate the spot you have on this squad because one of the spots was MINE! haha. im jealous of you girls, take advantage of the time you have together and make the best out of the best




i hope you girls love it as much as i DO.. not did =)

woww.. i feel old


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0506 try outs?!
[ f r i ] 22 APRIL 2005
try outs were today. wow, ill get to that later though

went to school today with eileen, erin, & natedogg. thanks eileen for picking me up lately. went to first and took a quiz. i fuckin SUCK ASS at spanish i swear mann. wutever mann. i went to second and i finished my test. thanks to DENISE. yess. then i started making posters but i only made one and it wasnt even finished by the end of the period so i thought i would eventually finish it by the end of the school day. but then at nutrition i gave the posters to steph cause im lazy. im stupid! i shouldnt have done that cause i could have so worked on it during fourth at ASB. stupid stupid glacy. during lunch, byron, sam, mikee, and i went to mrs.klemanns class to try and get the date of renaissance changed & thank goodness i think it worked. shes gonna ask it to be changed and she says its a pretty good chance that it'll happen. so yesss!! & then we talked about whats going to happen at the rally, spirit days, & i showed my BEAUTIFUL lay out of the gym =) im so proud of it hahaha anywho, went to kochels class and did kochel stuff. went to sixth and took yet ANOTHER test. it was easy though so wutevs. then we had TRYOUTS!

drill girls went first. we had the officers in training go first and show how the rouinte is suppose to be. they did a pretty good job of it. we had the girls go up one by one and had then do the try out routine. i was freakin IMPRESSED. what the hell happened to the girls i saw at try outs?! cause today, i saw DRILL GIRLS!! i was really surprised. good & bad surprises. but overall, veryone did great. im excited for next years squad. they'll do just fine...

then the officers went up. first jhoelle, then marilyn, then christine, then jhoelle again. mann.. im so fuckin proud of my girls. SOOOOOOOO fuckin PROUD. i knew you girls had it in you. you seriously AMAZE me. it felt good watching you girls up there doing YOUR own thing. i was seriously tearing during try outs. damnn.. thats MY girls. this year is almost over and i must say that i have no doubt in my mind that next year will take that shit. no doubt. nationals has another thing coming next year. im just sad that i cant be a part of it. like REALLY be a part of it. but know that im always gonna be around for my islander drill girls. ALWAYS! just cause im graduating doesnt mean crap. im gonna be going to your comps & be the crazy loud ass girl in the middle of the stands with signs screaming at the top of my freakin lungs. my gosh.. i feel.. old? you girls have seriously grown sooo much over the past year. i remember the beginning of the year, jHOElle was being made fun of by RL cause of her "dog hair," and merlin was talking about how she wanted a tatoo, & christine.. well christine fainted end of story haha. summer didnt even seem that long ago. soon enough you girls will be having you own summer practices and im going to be the alumni coming back to watch you girls. VERY soon =/ amazing how time flies by. but just remember.. IM STILL CAPTAIN UNTIL SQUAD SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!! haha dammittt!!! mann, ill most DEFINETLY miss you punks! =/ i love you girls and ill miss.. THIS

my PRIDE&JOY will forever remain my PRIDE&JOY

<3 glacy may q. guijo (0405 islander drill captain)

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my transition
20 april 2005
things are starting to look up. thank the Lord =)

i cut my hair & damn its short. i dont know how to fix it?! hahaa. but i guess its okay. its easier to handle now. i just gotta put it up all the time? i miss my long wavy hair though *sigh

got a rOomie! yes!! mira mesa & ci oh wut?! hahaa fullerton's where the party's at cause kirsten & glacy are there haha

jonathan needs a roommate!! someone moving around the fullerton/anahiem area? talk to me!!

try outs this friday whooaaa weiiirdd.

everyone come to squad spectacular ARPIL 29!!! starts 530 in cihs gym. be there or be SQUARE! its free too!! theres going to be a lot of cool performances and the initiation of the new squads. join the fun!!

thats all folks. im getting over the high school business already and transitioning to the college junk. woww.. fours years do fly by


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hahaha!! wtf?!
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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